Q&A: What’s the difference between vapes/vape pens and ecigs (electronic cigarettes)?

Question by reysand: What’s the difference between vapes/vape pens and ecigs (electronic cigarettes)?
ive noticed that some ‘ecigs’ have tanks and a button and stuff just like a vape pen. so whats the difference?

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Answer by Nurse in training
Vape, pens and ecigs basically refer to the same thing. There are a few parts to every unit. First is the battery it can be short, fat or long and generally the bigger it is, the more vapor you’ll get. Next is the atomizer or part that heats the vapor up. This could be in a cartridge with cotton saturated with the liquid nicotine or it could be separate piece. If it’s separate you usually get some sort of tank that’s filled up with liquid which drips onto the atomizer. Both have advantages and disadvantages. For example, a smaller battery is easier to carry around, but usually doesn’t last all day without a charge and usually produces less vapor. The carts can come prefilled, but don’t last long and must be refilled or replaced. Tanks hold more and will last most people all day, depending on the size. What it comes down to is learning your personal preference and trying them. I personally would recommend you start with something other than the blu or other short batteries. There is a forum online that has tons of info.

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